Tips for securing warehousing

作者:威海众珩经纬国际物流 发布时间:2019-09-09

For the inventory management of goods, in the aspect of receiving goods, according to the actual quantity and type, check the relevant warehousing documents for detailed inspection and storage. Daily goods are managed in warehouses, stored in goods, classified, easy to find, easy to check, easy to inventory. Timely sorting and rectification. The following is an important aspect of shipping. Everyone knows the importance of documents in the entire logistics process. No one's brain is a computer, and everything can be remembered. For the possible loss of goods, missing goods, and sending the wrong goods, the documents are the most primitive reasons for finding the cause.

Logistics delivery is related to the invoice, the warehouse manager must check the document stocking, and the dispatcher must check whether the warehouse manager's stocking and documents are consistent, only two aspects have been confirmed, so that the shipment can be shipped of. If there is a problem, you can quickly find out the reason for the relevant documents. Responsibility to the human system, each link must be responsible for the relevant personnel, the goods are transferred and out of the warehouse, the relevant handover personnel must have a record of the delivery of goods, so that timely and accurate tracking of the goods.

There is also the cooperation of colleagues in each position and the seriousness of the work in daily work. Every day, the products that are in and out are counted, and the daily self-checking accounts are consistent, which is not the reason for the inquiry. There is no error in the entry and exit, but the inventory of the product does not match the report of the superior leadership.

Make a manual account warehousing report and a computer version of the warehousing report, do it once a month. When the manual account and the computer account are checked, you know what the reason is. Monthly inventory of all products in stock! Can insist that these inventory security is no longer a problem Internal management is strengthened, personnel quality is improved; the company's hardware measures are strengthened, the monitoring system is comprehensive, and if there are criminals, the relevant departments are given criminal penalties.